Project New Build Beauty :
The Sneak Peaks

We've revealed several behind the scenes from #projectnewbuildbeauty over on Instagram, but nothing compares to seeing the final designs come together. These clients had gone through the initial process with their builder but elected for the basic finishes so they could customize at a later date. They wanted their home to feel warm and modern but without a personal touch, it felt cold and sterile. *Enter Hurd Homes.* We helped these clients to take their home to the next level with things like custom wall treatments, floating shelves and built ins. We even transformed their formal dining room into a wine room (more on that later).  Not to mention how the right combination of furniture completely transformed a space. 

Read on to learn more our 3 tips on how to transform your blank slate home. 

It's important when you have the same copy paste bathrooms in a new  builder home that you think of each one as their own individual personality. Every family is uniquely different and their home should be a reflection of that.  We started each bathroom designing thinking about the specific color palette in each space. 

We did this by focusing on all the cosmetic details - like changing light fixtures, faucets, mirrors, and of course adding our favorite wallpaper to get that extra bold statement. Shown here is our personal favorite bathroom where we wen't big with a sea serpent wallpaper choice and brass fixtures to add a neutral touch of elegance. 

The clients also had a "formal dining room" off the entryway but had elected to only have one dining space in their breakfast nook  - this gave us a larger unused space off the foyer. We like to dive into what our clients interests and hobbies are - as a young couple, they had a large wine collection but no where to display it nor entertain with friends. 

We chose to make the area a "wine room" - an intimate space where our clients could entertain away from their open concept great room. In order to create that elevated environment we elected to use four cozy ivory swivel chairs to have a contrast with the green-black paint and added custom cabinetry in addition to a large wine fridge. 

2. don't just follow your builder floor plan   

Paint should be your best friend cause it is one of the most cost effective and transformative tools you have in your home design tool box. In this home, we chose paint colors that were a high contrast from the white walls and used it as accent pieces.

In the wine room, we used the Sherwin Williams Green Black to make a bold statement and elected to use four cozy ivory swivel chairs to have a contrast with the paint. 

In the guest bedroom, we created an accent wall with PPG nightwatch to add a custom touch and instantly transform a more standard guest room. 

Our best advice is to sample paint in the room with the lighting and make sure you're ready to take that bold step and then take the plunge! We have a feeling you won't regret it. 

3. go bold in your bathrooms 

1. paint is your new build bestie

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