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Transforming Your Table

'Tis the season for joy, laughter, and let's face it, a bit of holiday chaos. Cooking and hosting can take a toll on all of us. As we dive into the heart of the holiday season, let us take one thing off your overflowing plate – the daunting task of decorating that dining room table. We've crafted this easy, straightforward, 3-step guide that promises to save you time, effort, and maybe a hint of stress. (You can thank us later!)

step 1: create a "base"

Decorating a table is a lot like decorating a room - daunting, we know. When we go into a room, we find a piece that serves as the "anchor". Oftentimes, this is a rug. We like to think of a table the same way, so our go-to anchor pieces are either a neutral-colored table runner or a long strand of garland. 

our favorite bases:

olive garland


step 2: find that focal point

Another design term, we know. Finding a focal point is much simpler than it sounds. Look through your holiday decor and find something that is eye-level. Some examples of focal points we love to use are tall candles or fresh floral arrangements. If you chose garland as your base, opt for some candles. If you chose a table runner, go grab some fresh flowers and watch that table come to life.

taper candleholder set of 3

cotton table runner



step 3: fill in the gaps

The last step is filling in those gaps with layers. This is the time to play around and get creative. Find 2 or 3 small objects - we love to use bells, beaded garland or small pinecones. Place your items sporadically across your base layer, and watch your table become the most warm, cozy and inviting place in the house. 

filler pieces we can't go without:



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a focal point piece that we love:

brass jingle bells

pinecones and cranberries

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